The lightweight and accurate Kimber 8400 Police Tactical .308 is an ideal LE precision rifle. Shown equipped with a Leupold Mark 8 1.1-8X scope and Harris bipod.

Kimber is best known for its pistols. They offer a huge variety of 1911 pistols, all designed to bring custom gun features to the market at production pistol prices. Many of the features found on their pistols are not found on most production guns and even some semi-customs.

To provide accessible spare ammunition, the author fitted out the Kimber with a combo cartridge carrier/cheekpad.

Many are also not aware of Kimber’s excellent rifles. Early on, the name was attached to some of the finest .22 LR bolt guns out there. They are now building a number of fine rifles in the Model 84 and 8400 line. Their hunting rifles have been known for years as excellent examples that follow their pistol-building philosophy. They offer many custom features at production prices with the added advantage of being built in America.

The match-grade trigger broke crisp, clean and consistent—between 3 and 3.5 pounds, every time. Note the oversized bolt knob.

Kimber first came to my attention in the tactical rifle market with its Model 8400 Advanced Tactical in .300 Winchester Magnum. It is easily one of the best-built precision rifles for police or even military use you can acquire. Solidly built into an A5 stock, it was rugged, sturdy and typical of rifles built to meet the needs of the military market, but also ready for the police marksman. Military needs are a bit different than your typical police department, generally resulting in added weight. Heavier barrels, stocks and accessories are required for the abuse they take in a true combat environment. Prolonged, multiple-shot engagements are mostly the norm these days for a military sniper—especially given where they deploy—but for most police officers, that fantasy never leaves the practice range.

The Kimber safety has three positions: “safe,” “off safe” and a middle position that is on “safe” yet allows you to cycle the bolt.

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The lightweight and accurate Kimber 8400 Police Tactical .308 is an ideal LE precision…