Weighing just 17 ounces and chambered for the 9mm cartridge, Kimber’s Solo is destined to become a favorite of those that trust their lives to their carry guns. Shown are the Solo Carry Stainless and Solo Carry.

There was no elaborate fanfare or warning that something really sensational was about to happen in the gun industry earlier this year. Kimber—a company best known for their extensive line of 1911s—introduced a micro-compact, striker-fired 9mm autoloader that seems perfect for off-duty, undercover or back-up use. Before it was even released, I only heard rumors and had to investigate.

What I read intrigued me. Clearly Kimber had not merely followed the template that other manufacturers use, but rather started with a fresh page and designed a gun that, from top to bottom, is built for deep concealment. Recently, I was given a chance to actually handle one of the brand new Kimber Solo pistols. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. Small, sleek and lightweight, Kimber’s 9mm micro-compact also features great sights, a smooth trigger and ambidextrous manual safeties and magazine releases. In my eyes, it’s everything that a law enforcement back-up handgun should be.

The Kimber Solo’s stainless steel barrel measures 2.7” long and mates directly to the slide of the pistol.

Gun Details
Many will look at the Solo Carry and mistakenly assume that it possesses a double-action-only trigger. I know that I did. But the striker is loaded to nearly 90 percent, and the balance of movement cannot be felt as the trigger is pulled. Therefore, the best description for this action would be “single-action/striker-fired.” The Kimber system also utilizes a firing pin safety that prevents the gun from being fired unless the trigger is fully depressed.

Kimber lightly bevels the mag well of the Solo Carry for fast and sure mag reloads. Note the ambi mag release.

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