Police officers respond to callouts every day. So does Kimber. Especially when those calls come from public servants. Take note of Kimber’s newest 1911, the Tactical Custom HD II chambered in .45 ACP. Although the company has seemingly made a 1911 for every type of shooter, their catalog grows a few pages this year with the introduction of two new tactical pistols including an “Entry” model carrying a forged rail.

kimber1These two pistols are available to the public but were designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and military professionals. “The Tactical series was conceived as a lightweight duty gun with aluminum frames,” says Kimber. “These have been very popular.” But for many officers, the lighter aluminum frame changed the handling qualities of the traditional steel-framed 1911 so a heavy-duty tactical .45 was called for. Driven by the law enforcement community, Kimber responded by placing steel on steel.

More than 200 inspections are performed to a Kimber 1911 before it leaves the factory. Kimber doesn’t purchase parts from other sources, upholding their stated belief that “the only way to do things right is to do them yourself.”

The Tactical Custom HD II is a contemporary single-action auto chambered in .45 ACP. In this case, “HD” stands for “Heavy Duty.” These pistols live up to that acronym in the form of stainless steel frames and a carbon steel slide finished in a matte KimPro II finish that’s self-lubricating and stands against harsh treatment. Before the finish is applied, these 1911s are cut with 30-lpi (lines-per-inch) checkering on the front strap for positive control. If you peek under the triggerguard, you’ll also find that checkering covers a little more than an inch underneath.

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Police officers respond to callouts every day. So does Kimber. Especially when those calls…