In the upcoming GUN ANNUAL 2015, author Jeremy D. Clough runs the new Kimber Caprivi rifle in .375 H&H through its paces while hunting for deer. Clough writes, “Named after the game-rich Caprivi Strip in upper Namibia, the matte black Caprivi has a 24-inch barrel, weighs in at 8.63 pounds unloaded and features a stock made of AA French walnut with a traditional pancake cheekpiece and an ebony forend tip. While many rifles come with relatively coarse 20 lines-per-inch (lpi) checkering, the Caprivi’s stock has hand-cut wraparound checkering in the finer 24-lpi pattern. It also comes with all the practical features of the classic dangerous game rifle, including express sights and a barrel-mounted sling swivel.

“The other specifications are in line with what you’d expect from a magnum-class bolt-action rifle: It has a four-round magazine with a floorplate latch conveniently located inside the front of the triggerguard, a three-position ‘wing style’ safety similar to that of the Winchester Model 70 and a full-length, Mauser-style extractor. While many modern firearms have a push-feed (PF) design where the bolt pushes a cartridge from the magazine into the chamber, then snaps the extractor into place on the cartridge, the Caprivi has a controlled-round-feed (CRF) action traditionally preferred on rifles for serious use, where the cartridge slides up beneath the extractor as it feeds upwards from the magazine and is never loose in the action.

“The express sights are also indicative of the gun’s mission. Coming with three leaves, the first of which is loosely regulated (they say for 50 yards; mine does okay to 100 or so yards) and the other two of which are left blank for gunsmith modification to your load of choice, the Caprivi’s express sights aren’t the fine peep sights of the tar- get rifle because much of the shooting is often done at relatively close range, and because fine accuracy is generally an academic issue when being charged.”

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