Knight's Armament M-110K5
A look at the Knight's Armament M-110K5 at SOFIC 2014 (CREDIT: Nick Leghorn/

Lighter doesn’t always mean better, but it usually does, especially when you’re out in the field.

Joining the already released M-110 and the M-110K1, Knight’s Armament has announced the all new, lightweight M-110K5 .308 rifle.

The M110K5 was announced at SOFIC 2014 (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference) where Nick Leghorn from said lightweight products stole the show.

 The SR-25 rifle is chambered in 7.62 NATO and sports a 14.5 inch barrel, onto which is (more or less) permanently attached a .30 caliber silencer — KAC designates this puppy the M110K5. It makes sense since the barrel will be shot out long before the silencer, and eliminating the need for a QD mounting system and perfectly tuning the can to the gun make it lighter and more accurate.

No release date for the M-110K5 has been announced.

Knight’s Armament was founded more than 30 years ago as an R&D firm, specializing in products which met the needs of U.S. Special Operations troops.

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