Best 5.56mm group fired with Hornady Superformance Match 75-gr. BTHP, after final adjustment.

I am always looking for tactical products that can serve multiple roles well. During a search for an optic that could handle both long- and close-range equally well, I discovered the Kruger Optical DTS Gen II tactical scope.

It immediately caught my attention for two reasons: it mounts very low, using an integrated mount for a Picatinny rail without the need for rings, and it has a single display for all modes. Kruger describes it as “two scopes in one compact package.” The images I had seen in my online search lacked perspective, and the actual unit is much larger than I expected. It seems that “compact” is a matter of personal perception. As Walter Seace, sales and marketing manager for Kruger Optical, pointed out to me, it is a simple matter of physics. The 8X magnification capability of the scope requires a certain focal length. It is as much as 1-inch shorter than many other comparable units, however.

The author tested the Kruger DTS on a customized AR built on a Lauer lower with a Magpul PRS adjustable stock and a DPMS upper and barrel. As the DTS is designed for use on flat-topped ARs, this platform proved to be ideal.

The first thing you notice about the Kruger DTS is the unique profile and carbon fiber construction of the sight’s main body. This results in a lighter weight (30 ounces) than you might imagine from the size of the unit. The original was made entirely of aircraft-grade aluminum and was 12 ounces heavier. The Gen II model is also 3 inches shorter, argon-filled, and is waterproof and fogproof. The integrated Picatinny mount is quick and secure.

The Kruger DTS combines a CQB-style red dot sight with a longer-range 2-8X magnified optic. Photo courtesy Kruger Optical

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