Lancer L15 Patrol 5.56mm
Lancer L15 Patrol 5.56mm

Lancer’s new L15 Patrol, an AR-platform rifle chambered in 5.56mm NATO, is designed specifically with the law enforcement patrol officer in mind with features like a widely funneled magazine well for faster reloads under stress. The gun also has sling attachment points to accommodate either a two-point or a single-point sling, because a sling is essential on a fighting carbine.

The gun is equipped with a special lightweight, carbon-fiber handguard that permits accessories like lights, vertical foregrips and lasers to be attached where the shooter wants. Because Picatinny rails are mounted only where desired, weight is kept to a minimum and the smooth contours of the handguard are preserved. The handguard is also long, which allows shooters to take advantage of modern shooting styles that involve placing your support hand farther down the handguard to help mitigate muzzle rise and get back on target faster.

To get a second opinion about the Lancer L15 Patrol, I took the gun to Gunsite, the world famous shooting academy located near Prescott, Ariz. Gunsite specializes in training law-abiding citizens, police officers and military personnel to fight with small arms. All of Gunsite’s instructors are fully qualified to teach what has become known as the “Gunsite Doctrine,” and they have extensive real-world experience carrying guns to stay alive. You would be hard pressed to find a better training academy.

The L15 Patrol proved to be very fast and very accurate, so it could be used for long-range precision work if a patrol officer found himself in such a situation. Take a look at the video and see how the gun actually handles. Pay particular attention to the effectiveness of the rifle’s Battle Comp compensator, which does a remarkable job of reducing muzzle rise and making it easy for Gunsite instructor Dave Hartman to make rapid follow-up shots.

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