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Offering 300-degree immersive firearms training, the VirTra 300LE system allows you to engage threats from different directions and threat levels; it even has return-fire simulation capabilities. Additionally, a drop-in kit allows you to train with your own duty handgun or rifle. The 300LE can also be reconfigured to provide 15 lanes for the same type of marksman-ship training afforded on an indoor range. (800-455-8746,

When it comes down to it, cops have some of the toughest jobs out there. They are asked to risk their lives day in and day out, often with little thanks. However, the LE community has a strong support system through the variety of manufacturers developing cutting-edge products to help them get their jobs done and make it home safe every night.

With the fast pace in technological developments, 2012 promises to be a banner year for innovative products for the LE officer, ranging from ultra-modern tech innovations, to some simple common-sense products that help officers accomplish their missions. Read on to see a brief overview of some of the more interesting offerings for this year.

Brite-Strike Expandable Baton with Integrated Light
Brite-Strike Expandable Baton with Integrated Light: New from Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc., is this expandable thermoplastic baton with an integrated 170-lumen light. The light is operated by the “Tactical Touch Switch” that allows users to switch from high to low to strobe with a light press of a thumb or finger. The result is a combination weapon that can go from a duty light to a compliance tool in an instant. (508-746-8701,

Hornady Critical Duty Ammunitiongear-critical-duty
Hornady’s new Critical Duty line of ammunition features a FlexLock bullet in 9mm and .40 S&W (135 and 175 grains, respectively). Designed for better barrier penetration with predictable upset, FlexLock bullets have an internal jacket band and a scored tip with polymer insert to prevent clogging. Penetration in gelatin through a variety of mediums (metal, glass, clothing, wallboard) is remarkably uniform: 13 to 16 inches. (800-338-3220,

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VirTra Systems Offering 300-degree immersive firearms training, the VirTra 300LE system allows you to…