Striker-fired semi-automatic pistols use a spring-loaded firing pin that is partially cocked by the movement of the slide, then the trigger continues to cock the firing pin before releasing it to fire the pistol.

Striker-fired pistols do this without the use of a protruding hammer, which can hamper a draw from deep concealment. Some models also incorporate a safety in the trigger as well as a firing pin safety and drop safety, making them very safe.

Here are 11 compact striker-fired pistols.

Bersa BP9CC

The BP Concealed Carry, or BPCC, is Bersa’s first polymer-framed pistol and features a single-stack magazine, so it is thin in hand. Models are available in .380 ACP, 9mm and .40 S&W. All of the controls are ambidextrous, and it uses a short-reset trigger to activate the striker firing mechanism. Several finish options are available, and the BP9CC (shown) features an olive drab frame with a matte black slide. (732-493-0333;

FNS-9 Compact

The new 9mm FNS-9 Compact has all the features of the full-sized FNS-9 pistol, including the ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release, but in a smaller, compact package. At only 6.7 inches in length and less than 24 ounces unloaded, the FNS-9 Compact is easy to pack. The extended magazine floorplate offers a finger rest for a full grip and better control. A .40 S&W version is also available.
(; 703-288-3500)

Glock 43

The new G43 is sure to become a very popular pistol with law enforcement due to its compact size and single-stack magazine, which holds six rounds. In fact, the pistol is only 1.02 inches wide, making it very easy to conceal in an ankle holster, a pocket or on a vest. Of course, the pistol is made to Glock’s high standards with the same Safe Action system utilized on the company’s other pistols. (; 770-432-1202)

Kahr CM9

The venerable CM9 is a highly affordable 9mm pistol that is easy to conceal for backup duty, and Kahr has updated it this year by offering it with a front night sight for better targeting in low-light situations. The matte stainless slide contrasts the black polymer frame, and the pistol uses a flush-fit six-round magazine. The CM9 has a 3-inch barrel and a smooth trigger pull thanks to Kahr’s striker-fired system. (; 508-795-3919)

Ruger SR9c

Lightweight, rugged and reliable—that’s the best way to describe Ruger’s SR9 series of pistols. Add “compact” and “lightweight” to the SR9c variant. The pistol’s designed to offer users either a flat or arched backstrap for individual shooter comfort. Matte black and two-tone versions are available with 10- or 17-round magazines. Dovetailed into the slide are three-dot sights, and the rear sight is adjustable. A .40 S&W version is also available. (

Sig Sauer P320 Compact

The most modular of all striker-fired pistols, the polymer-framed Sig Sauer P320 makes it easy for operators to switch calibers—from 9mm to .357 SIG or .40 S&W—as well as grip frames and slides that range from full-sized to subcompact. The P320 Compact variant (shown) weighs 26 ounces and is only 7.2 inches in length. Compact and reliable, the P320 has outstanding ergonomics and a smooth, crisp and short trigger pull. (; 603-610-3000)

Smith & Wesson M&P40c

Many LE agencies across the U.S. have chosen the M&P series of pistols, from the full-sized variants to the Shield, for its officers. Like all M&P series pistols, the M&P40c features a reinforced polymer frame with a short accessory rail and grip-enhancing ergonomics. The magazine release and slide stop are ambidextrous, and the striker-fired system offers a smooth, consistent trigger pull. (; 800-331-0852)

Springfield Armory XD Mod.2

Springfield’s XD pistols are designed to deliver uncompromising firepower, and the new Mod.2 variants feature stylishly redesigned slide and frame contouring as well as the high-traction Grip Zone. The 3.3-inch-barreled, .45 ACP version (shown) comes with both a nine-round magazine and a 13-rounder with Springfield’s X-Tension for a fuller grip. The pistol also comes with a fiber-optic front sight and a white-dot rear for fast targeting. (; 800-680-6866)

Steyr Arms S9-A1

The striker-fired S9-A1 is very concealable with a cold-hammer-forged, 3.6-inch barrel for enhanced accuracy and an ergonomic polymer grip frame with a Picatinny rail for mounting accessories. The pistol is designed to offer a high grip with a low bore axis for less muzzle rise while firing. Finally, the pistol comes with triangle/trapezoidal sights and a 10+1 capacity. (; 205-417-8644)

Taurus Millennium G2

The Millennium G2 pistol has a double-strike capability. In other words, if the trigger is pressed and the cartridge fails to fire, the pistol goes into double-action mode, allowing the shooter to re-strike the cartridge. There’s no need to re-rack the slide on the Millennium G2 like you would with other striker-fired pistols. This Taurus is also very safe to carry with a firing pin block, a trigger safety, a thumb safety and a loaded chamber indicator. (; 800-327-3776)

Walther P99C

The German-engineered Walther P99C is the compact version of the street-proven, full-sized P99, except with a 3.5-inch barrel and a reduced grip size. One of the features that sets this striker-fired pistol apart from the others is a decocker, which, when pressed, resets the trigger for a longer double-action pull. With a user-friendly and comfortable ergonomic grip, the P99C offers a compact pistol that is safe and reliable. (; 479-242-8500)

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