VECP Les George’s Rockeye Knife

The VECP is the distilled essence of Les George’s Rockeye design. Using a streamlined and simpler approach Les has evolved the VECP into a sleek, affordable custom folder at a price close to that of high-end production folders.

One of the problems with building folding knives one at a time is that makers often have to deal with variations in material from batch to batch and they spend a lot of time making sure that what they have is just right before they set about creating that custom piece that you’ve been waiting for. A simpler design can help make this material selection less onerous. Like any scale of production, the more a maker can streamline things the faster and more efficiently he can produce them. Les George is a maker who’s really taken that concept to heart and set about tackling it with his Project VECP.

The VECP locks up by means of a rugged Titanium frame lock. You can just see the edge of the Hinderer Lock Bar stabilizer peeking out from under the pocket clip.

VECP stands for Value Engineering Change Proposal, and Les describes that as simply finding a better way to get the job done. In the case of the VECP he started with his already successful Rockeye design and set about simplifying it to improve the efficiency of production without impacting the quality of the end product. The Rockeye was already a tough piece of hardware, just like the ordnance munition that it was named after, but with a variety of choices in size, materials and other options, it can be somewhat complicated to produce. The VECP takes the basic Rockeye design and simplifies it into a solid, general-purpose model that’s faster and easier to build.

A good folder is an important part of a self-defense or law enforcement tool kit. If you’re carrying a top quality handgun and a good tactical light, why should you skimp on the folder you’re carrying? With the VECP you don’t have to.

The VECP uses a blade constructed of CTS-XHP steel. That was a new one for me, so I did some research on it and found that it’s from Carpenter Technology. They describe it as “a high hardness Type 440C stainless steel or a corrosion resistant D2 tool steel.” It’s basically an alloy that has the excellent corrosion resistance of 440C but can be treated to the hardness of D2. That sounds like a pretty good combination to me. The blade itself is a 3.4-inch flat ground blade with a drop point and a false swedge about three quarters of the way back the blade. The grind is a full flat done on a CNC machine and thickness is 0.15 inches. The blade is fitted with ambidextrous thumb studs and finished in an attractive satin finish, carrying the George name and the steel identifier etched into the left side. The George logo is a simpler version of his standard logo and an indication that the VECP uses a CNC-machined blade rather than one ground totally by hand. The blade glides open on phosphorous bronze washers and is fitted to a titanium handle via a sturdy pivot pin.

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May 2012

The VECP is the distilled essence of Les George’s Rockeye design. Using a streamlined and…