Lewis Machine & Tool’s (LMT’s) latest development for executive protection, close-quarters tactical work and personal defense is an AR-pattern carbine that’s only 24.5 inches long. A carbine that small is big news.

LMT calls it the Compressor, and achieves the significant reduction in size and weight by engineering a compressed lower receiver — with a specially shortened buffer tube and shortened SOPMOD collapsible stock — and mating that with an LM8 upper receiver with a 10.5-inch barrel.

As a short-barreled rifle (SBR), the LMT Compressor requires a tax stamp for civilian ownership in the U.S.

While the bolt and carrier group inside the Compressor are standard, there’s one clever addition: a removable weight that mounts inside the carrier group to add mass. This weight works with a specially developed spring in the shortened (but otherwise mil-spec) LMT buffer tube to provide the Compressor with enough bolt transit to reliably extract spent cartridges and chamber fresh ones, but without requiring the extra length of a standard buffer tube.

Together, this engineering takes 2.75 inches of length out of the stock to greatly enhance concealment and maneuverability.

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