LifeHammer and ResQMe [Keychain Rescue Tool] have quickly proven to be must-have rescue tools for police officers, SWAT teams, Paramedics and firefighters around the world. These essential safety products are specifically designed to assist officers while on duty and to make their job safer. The best alternatives to batons and knifes.

Inspired by the European brand LifeHammer, the Made in the USA ResQMe contains a spring loaded steel point that will break any tempered glass window, and a protected stainless steel blade for cutting through malfunctioning seatbelts to allow rescue or escape from vehicular entrapment. The break-apart design allows the ResQMe blade protector to be removed quickly for use in an emergency situation.

ResQMe is strategically attached to the belt or right on the key saver, ResQMe will always be there. Its compact size makes it convenient for easy access, ensuring that safety is always near when a situation that requires action arises.

When seconds count, reach for ResQMe! Unlike using a baton used by police officers or other lower quality tool to break a car window, the small, light, and dependable ResQMe safely and effortlessly does the job. When using other tools that can be large and heavy for similar purposes, there is always a risk of injury. ResQMe’s innovative design allows public safety personnel to effectively perform these tasks without the risk.

LifeHammer and ResQMe are crafted with the highest quality materials, insuring total reliability for both the rescuer and the rescued.

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LifeHammer and ResQMe [Keychain Rescue Tool] have quickly proven to be must-have rescue tools…