Lewis Machine & Tool CQB MRP Defender Model 16 SHOT Show 2015
LMT Goes Green For 2015 with CQB MRP Defender Model 16

Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) builds extremely durable and reliable piston-driven and direct-impingement rifles that are trusted by operators around the world. In fact, the British Ministry of Defence has chosen LMT for its .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO battle rifles.

Recently, a military agency was looking for a weapon to use in dense jungle environments, and Cerakote finishes were getting a little too “gummy” in the extreme humidity. The agency needed a reliable weapon system that could blend in well, so LMT created a solution, crafting a direct-impingement CQB MRP Defense Model 16 rifle with green hardcoat anodized upper and lower receivers. The agency also asked that the weapon have green furniture and accessories to blend in as best as possible in the dense jungle environment. Now LMT is offering the green rifle to dealerships for civilian purchase, but it comes with black furniture that contrasts nicely with the green receivers.

The direct-impingement CQB MRP Defender Model 16 features a CQB MRP upper receiver with 16-inch, chrome-lined, 1-in-7-inch-twist, 5.56mm NATO barrel; a full-auto bolt carrier group; a tactical charging handle assembly; and LMT’s Defender lower with SOPMOD buttstock and standard trigger group.

For more information, visit lmtdefense.com or call 208-476-9814.

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