Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) has announced the release of their DMR Stock and SLK8 receiver, brand new for 2014. Scroll down to watch a video containing more information about these new releases from LMT.

The new LMT DMR AR buttstock fits onto a mil-spec carbine extension tube which accepts three separate position adjustments. In addition, the cheek weld height and the length of pull can both be adjusted by 45 different positions. Designed to meet the needs of any shooter, the LMT DMR stock also comes with a concealed rail (which allows for the attachment of a monopod), a SOPMOD cheekrest and rubber buttplate, and four quick-detach sling swivel sockets. Pricing information for this brand new accessory is not yet available.

Also new from LMT for 2014 is their highly-anticipated SLK8 receiver. This slick side receiver comes with a number of appealing features, including a stainless steel 5R cut-rifled barrel (available in 16″ and 20″) with a 1-in-7.5-inch twist rate, an ambidextrous magazine release, a two-stage match trigger and Ergo grip. The SLK8 receiver from LMT is suitable for 3-gun competition and a variety of other applications and shooting styles. Similar to the DMR stock, pricing information for the new SLK8 receiver has not yet been released.

Founded in 1980, Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) is a leading manufacturer of weapons, weapon systems, components and accessories for the US Military, as well as law enforcement, government agencies and commercial manufacturers. They are based in Illinois.

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