Like the U.S. Navy SEALs who are trained and have been deployed in a wide variety of missions, including direct action and special recon, unconventional warfare, counter-terrorism, and other missions, TW has your back!

French statesman Duc de Richelieu (1766-1822) was once reviewing a proposed military campaign. When an officer placed a finger on a map with the remark, “We shall cross the river at this point,” Richelieu replied, “Excellent, sir, but your finger is not a bridge.”

Grand plans and big talk are one thing; For the grand plan to survive the first contact with an enemy depends on the total readiness of the forces involved. Give the Duke credit: Even in that distant time, he knew his forces would have to be mission ready—with weapons, tactics and combat psyche.

Today’s military and LE operators routinely must meet mission readiness requirements, of which no soldier from Richelieu’s time could have dreamed. How today’s professionals are doing exactly that is the theme of this special “Mission Ready” edition of TW.

Individual firepower is always an important subject in TW, and this issue covers the topic particularly well.. For openers, consider our testfire report on the new Remington Semi-Automatic Sniper System made in partnership with JPE and AAC. Another sniper testfire covers the Steyr SSG08 now available in .338 Lapua Magnum.
The “Bushido Blaster” is a new personal defense weapon built to stay in the fight. We put one through a 1,000-plus-round testfire on a true warrior’s combat carbine course. Then we have yet another testfire on Century Arms’ “DRACO AK,” a 7.62x39mm blaster that looks like a rifle, handles like a pistol and brings rifle punch.
For combat handguns we celebrate the Beretta M9’s 25th anniversary.

Hot new weapons are great, but it’s the man or woman behind the weapon who makes the shot count. This issue has the ultimate marksmanship feature, guaranteed to help you shoot 300 percent better with long-range rifles, close-quarter-battle rifles, and handguns.

Suppressors are always a favorite subject with individual riflemen, and we have just about the ultimate high-tech report on the subject in “The Science of Silencers.” In it, GemTech’s Dr. Phil Dater schools us in everything we need to know about high-quality supressor technology.

And don’t miss the article on the new EOTech XPS3 mini battle sight that gets on-target fast, and at the same time allows the operator full situational awareness.

Training and reviews of elite special ops units are served up as well. There’s a big feature on the Bucks Country, PA Emergency Responder Teams, armed with decisive firepower and ready to take on any threat. Commandos from our Canadian northern flank are featured in the article “Joint Task Force 2,” an inside look at the firepower and fighting history of this highly trained and capable, elite unit.

If you’re interested in machineguns or historic weapons, you’ll want to read the foreign firepower T&E on Century’s DPM, the old Soviet 600 RPM DP-28 LMG in 7.62x54mm and now reborn in a semi-auto civilian version, truly an old soldier that does not die.

No matter which page you turn in this issue of Tactical Weapons, you’ll head toward becoming “Mission Ready.” We’ll do our best to ensure you’ll never face a river you can’t cross.

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