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Lockheed Martin’s Small Tactical Craft (STC) is a rugged, reliable solution that integrates hull, electronics and programmatic features that Special Operations Forces (SOF) require for continued mission success. Using an integrated systems approach, the STC provides SOF operators with a workhorse tactical craft that fully supports their demanding missions and enhances U.S. SOF operational advantages against current and future threats.

Part of Lockheed Martin’s family of Common Off Board Reconfigurable Asset (COBRA) vehicle technology, the design bridges the gap in offering a high-speed craft with very low shock and acceleration exposure to the passengers and crew aboard. The STC is designed to meet the objectives of SOF missions, such as insertion and extraction missions and visit, board, search and seizure operations. In addition, the craft allows for flexibility and growth to facilitate ease of maintenance and adaptation to new mission objectives. With the STC, Lockheed Martin applies a proven open architecture solution to ensure fully integrated systems onboard. Key features of this integrated control system include:

A compact, lightweight, survivable hardware design suited for marine environments;

A modular, interchangeable mission bay designed for a suite of missions;

Open interfaces capable of accommodating communications with numerous standard devices over ethernet, serial or other communications protocols;

Common service architecture that allows for the sharing of data;

The ability to operate systems and connected devices from a single console;

The ability to monitor systems and equipment for performance trending, analysis and diagnostics both locally and remotely.

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