The current trend in .308 sniper rifles is for short, light and handy rifles. Why carry around a 26-inch-barreled, 18-pound hulk of a rifle when you can get the same performance in a much more maneuverable system? McMillan has long been known for producing not only fiberglass stocks that set the standard to which all others have been compared, but its rifle division makes world-class rifles.

TAC’s Features
The TAC-308 comes in a variety of configurations. My particular test rifle was a 20-inch medium-heavy profile with a total empty weight of 14.75 pounds with Leupold 4.5-14 Mark 4 optic and Harris bipod installed. Finished in Desert Tan Duracoat, the test system has all the features one might need in a general-purpose sniper rifle.

The TAC-308 has a large, smooth-to-operate bolt handle and spiral-fluted bolt body. The safety is a Remington-style lever.

Using the McMillan G-30 short-action, completely true to bench-rest standards, a 1-in-11 twist polygonal-rifled barrel is hand-fit to mate perfectly with the receiver threads. Polygonal rifling permits a better gas seal with less bullet deformation, and the lack of sharp edges may lead to a longer-lasting barrel as well. One will generally get higher velocities and the barrels usually clean quickly with little copper fouling. The barrel also has 5/8-24 threading for mounting a suppressor. A knurled thread cap was fitted and, if not for the knurling, it would be barely detectable. The cap is an interesting design, being about 0.25 inches longer than the thread, with the muzzle end only slightly larger than the bore diameter. This provides outstanding protection for the delicate crown. The recoil lug is surface-ground perfectly square on the mating surfaces and is pinned to the receiver to ensure proper position as the barrel is torqued into place.

The heavy-duty triggerguard also mounts the ambidextrous magazine release.

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