The 12-inch-barreled REPR is much more than a SBR chambered in 7.62mm. LWRCI’s REPR can be considered for the full gamut of operations — serving as an entry weapon, patrol rifle, or precision tactical option in the LE realm. Shown here with a 4×32 BROWE Combat Optic mounted.

A truly versatile rifle is one that continues to transform itself, satisfying multiple roles with equal aplomb. The LWRCI REPR chambered in 7.62x51mm is such a rifle. Its versatility combined with relentless gas-piston reliability is making the LWRCI REPR a favorite among our troops and law enforcement personnel.

The LWRCI Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle (REPR) is offered with 12- and 16-inch barreled models, as well as an 18-inch Designated Marksman model and 20-inch Sniper model. For civilians or even law enforcement, the 12-inch barrel is not “standard” and requires a BATFE tax stamp. The REPR features a “flattop” receiver and comes with either a Flat Dark Earth or Olive Drab Green Cerakote finish, which offers unparalleled abrasion and corrosion resistance. This self-lubricating characteristic of Cerakote means that the rifle can be run with less lubrication—especially useful when operating in the desert or other dusty environments.

Gun Details
The REPR rifle utilizes LWRCI’s patented self-regulating, short-stroke gas-piston operating system, ensuring reliability in the harshest theaters of operation. LWRCI literature points to several industry leading technological innovations incorporated in the REPR. LWRCI has sought to engineer a complete solution to the deficits found in the direct impingement AR family of rifles and carbines, and was an early innovator in the AR gas-piston surge. The principal improvement comes from eliminating the venting of hot, carbon-laden gases into the receiver and bolt carrier group. This reduces the cleaning requirements associated with direct gas-impingement AR. It also means the bolt carrier group and associated springs are not subjected to the searing heat of the tapped gasses; this being one of the major causes of small parts failure. The REPR’s four-position gas setting further ensures a user can adjust to changing environmental conditions — not to mention better employ a suppressor if a mission dictates this.

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The 12-inch-barreled REPR is much more than a SBR chambered in 7.62mm. LWRCI’s REPR…