I’ve been a fan of the 6.8 SPC chambering for a long time, and LWRC International recently gave me the opportunity to build a new LE deployment rifle. The company’s Six8 platform resolves what has always been the weakest aspect of the 6.8 SPC caliber, the magazine. Reliable feeding requires a different magazine and still remains a compromise. LWRCI, however, teamed up with Magpul to reverse the process. Starting with a magazine designed around the ammunition, the rifle was built to work with it. The result is a truly reliable AR using this excellent caliber. Federal Ammunition, part of ATK, also teamed up with LWRCI and Magpul to create a 90-grain Gold Dot load in 6.8 SPC. With its bonded bullet, this round penetrates well, expands consistently and meets the need of any urban-combat-ready caliber while maintaining reliability, accuracy and efficiency.

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The rifle starts with LWRCI’s Six8 upper with a 12.7-inch barrel and a non-adjustable gas block. I made this to my registered lower, which I fitted with Law Tactical’s AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3. I also added a two-part OSS suppressor system. For optics, I added a U.S. Optics 1.2-6X scope and an offset Trijicon dual-illumination RAR in Warne’s RAMP mount. Finally, I added a SureFire flashlight. All together, this tricked-out Six8 is what I consider to be a perfect patrol carbine.

I tested this 6.8 SPC carbine at my local range, and then I took it Buck Doyle of Follow Through Consulting’s range in Teasdale, Utah. His range allowed me to test the rifle out to 600-plus yards under real-world conditions.

Take a quick look at my video to see this rifle and its upgrades in action, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a full review in an upcoming issue of GUNS & WEAPONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT. To subscribe, visit

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