For many years weapons handling operatives have been looking for a glove that performs in all weathers, while still offering that important level of comfort, sensitivity and protection from the elements.

A new innovative glove form MacWet now fits that bill perfectly.

Already used by snipers, Special Forces and law enforcers around the world, MacWet gloves offer unique properties, usually unheard of in a glove!

Designed to fit like a second skin and with 12 different sizes, MacWet gloves offer a level of natural touch sensitivity unrivalled in any other glove. This sensitivity allows you to use even the most intricate buttons on optical equipment and phones/radios, as well as reloading small calibre weapons without the need to remove the gloves.

The fabric used for the palm material is the key to this sensitivity, and also the key to the other important property…grip!
Regardless of how wet the fabric gets, whether it is through precipitation or perspiration, the material guarantees 100% grip, with no effect on dexterity or sensitivity!

A solution for the Middle East?

The palm fabric, AquaTec, excels in hot climates just as well! With natural wicking properties that physically move any moisture, including perspiration, away from the skin, through the material and to the outside where it is used to accentuate the grip!
Being 100% breathable too, means that there is finally a solution for hot environments that works with the climate!

The team at MacWet is also proud to be receiving great feedback from general operatives through to head training instructors.

Matt Meadows of MacWet said: “To be able to release a product to a market that solves an issue and makes life easy is hugely positive, and then to gain the type of feedback we have had makes it even better.  A product that performs this well in all climates has been long overdue for our guys on the ground.”

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