Magnalight Universal Handcuff Key Featured in Riot Survival Guide Now Available Internationally
The Magnalight universal, non-metallic handcuff key was recently featured in an article written by the authors of the Social Chaos Survival Guide. The UHC-4PK universal handcuff key has several key attributes which have made it an ideal insurance policy for those who face potential hostage escape scenarios. To further international availability, now offers the UHC-4PK-intl and UHC-16PK-intl key packs.

In a recent article, Jeff Anderson includes the Magnalight handcuff key as 3 essential urban survival tools for riotous environments. Long popular with the US military for escape and evade kits, the UHC-4PK non-metallic handcuff key opens all brands of cuffs. The handcuff key is composed of a non-metallic material that has several unique properties. The key itself is encapsulated in a holding ring that can be hooked to shirt buttons, sewn into clothing hems or attached to the back of watches, hats or shoes. When in a hostage situation, the key can be silently snapped free from the hidden holding ring and then used to unlock the cuffs. The key itself is strong enough to be used as a duty key, and small enough to be concealed in a finger condom and swallowed. Available in black, olive green, tan and white, the universal handcuff key is now available in packages ranging from 4 units to 1000 keys.

“The Magnalight universal handcuff key is a very inexpensive insurance policy for undercover operatives, military personnel and individuals in tumultuous international environments,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ “As riots and uprisings around to globe escalate, travelers to these countries need to prepare themselves for lawless environments. Handcuffs are still the most popular hostage management tool, so hiding several keys on your person that are undetectable, even with metal detectors, could save your life.

Larson Electronics is the sole source for the original patented, non-metallic , universal handcuff key. This key is guaranteed to open all brands of standard security cuffs. This is due to the special manufacturing process and material choice which creates a very exact dimensional product. It is this dimensional characteristic that enables the Magnalight handcuff key to work universally. You can learn more at or contact 1-800-369-6671.

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