k40xxpc_fullThe Mako Group, primarily known for its weapons accessories, has been named the exclusive North American marketer for a unique collection of Front Line holsters from Israel.  Since 1961 Front Line, based in Israel, has manufactured high quality holsters for law enforcement agencies and military organizations.  This new holster line, which has been tested and proven in both combat and duty use, will be marketed in North America under The Mako Group’s name.

The Mako Group’s holsters are distinctive because they include a unique combination of multi-layered materials,
·  Have special innovative gun retention systems and belt retention systems which combine security and reflexive use,
·  Are high-end and are of the highest quality, yet are offered at very affordable retail prices ranging from $47- $81.

The Mako Group’s multi-layered holsters are made from either true Kydex® with a suede lining that protects the pistol from extreme holster wear and allows for silent draws and quiet reholstering, KNG (Kydex New Generation), which consists of Kydex on the outside, then a layer of durable Codura®, then PVC molded to fit the shape of the weapon, and finally a smooth, waterproof inner suede lining to protect the pistol’s finish, or LKC (Leather/Kydex/Suede), a three-layer holster, consisting of an outside leather layer, an adjustable-tension Kydex layer in the middle, and an inner layer of suede.  Kydex provides the leather holster with the strength of Kydex so the leather doesn’t stretch or loosen.  The suede lining not only protects the finish of the pistol against abrasion from the Kydex, but also provides a smooth draw.

While some holsters offer a gun retention capability, The Mako Group’s holsters include not only a gun retention capability, but also a belt retention capability.  The Mako Group’s gun retention systems consist of either a special PDS1 (Push’n’Draw System Level 1) retention system or a traditional SR (Side Retention) system.  The PDS1 is an exclusive Front Line design, whereby you must first push down on the gun in the holster in order for it to be released from the holster.  This action provides handgun users with a more secure, firm grip on the gun.

In terms of belt retention, The Mako Group offers both a traditional paddle style holster as well as a new BFL holster retention system.  The paddle design is both comfortable and secure and allows for a positive draw.  BFL is Front Line’s term for a holster that fastens around a belt.  What makes the BFL retention system unique is that the holster can be put on and taken off a belt quickly without removing or unbuckling the belt, simply by using the security snap near the bottom of the holster.  This BFL methodology secures the holster to the belt, thereby providing ‘holster’ retention on the belt. In addition, each BFL holster can be used with 1.25”, 1.5” and 2” wide belts, so there is no need to buy more than one holster to secure the holster tightly to the belt.

For more information on Mako Group’s new line of holsters, visit The Mako Group Website

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