The Mako Group (“Mako”), a leader in manufacturing, marketing and distributing weapons accessories, now offers a rugged aluminum Glock-to-Rifle Conversion Kit (KPOS). The KPOS, designed for personal security and covert operations as a PDW (personal defense weapon), provides firepower up to 100 meters. It works with Glock 17 compatibles (G17, G34, G22, and G35) and Glock 19 compatibles (G19 and G23). Features include a folding ergonomic weapon foregrip; a one-point tactical sling adapter; a fold-to-the side compact buttstock with rubber buttpad, similar to a Galil; and an innovative patented design which locks the gun to the frame in both the front and back, making the KPOS a ‘rock-solid’ system.

In addition, the KPOS has five rails (two on the top, one on each side, and one below) which allow a foregrip, flashlight, optics, laser and/or iron sight or any sight used on a rifle, to be mounted on it. Besides having room for a sight, there is also enough space for a magnifier and a backup flip-up sight. Even if the user chooses not to mount an additional sight, they can shoot using the original handgun sight. A silencer can also be mounted on the barrel.

The KPOS is very compact, in fact smaller and lighter than a mini-Uzi. No tooling is required for installation.

“We exhibited the KPOS at the 2010 Shot Show and at several distributor shows in January 2010 and the reaction was amazing!”, says Addy Sandler, The Mako Group’s CEO. “The KPOS was one of the most popular of all our new products! In addition to all the features mentioned above, the KPOS conversion kit also includes a bungee sling, our popular FGG-S tactical folding grip, and a Glock charging handle specifically-designed for use with the KPOS.”

Note: if you own a Glock handgun and you purchase the KPOS, your handgun becomes a short-barreled rifle (SBR) and you must register your weapon with the ATF using ATF Form 1 and paying the fee.

KPOS retail pricing is $497.65

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