Utilizing the latest cutting edge technology, sleek design, and state of the art manufacturing techniques, enables us to unleash the hidden potential of gun rail guards like never before! The unique material compound provides a multi-functional grip system that resists chemicals, abrasion and extreme temperatures while providing an incredible tactile look and feel! A stainless steel reinforced skeleton system creates superior adhesion to all rail systems while allowing the user to make simple grip adjustments to compensate for varying rail tolerances. Our integrated Micro Pocket design allows the internal routing and installation of wires and switches, protecting them from fluctuating temperatures and external hazards.


The Manta Rail product line also features Manta Clips and Manta Cross Clips for the ultimate modularity in wire management! Capture wires on and over any section of your Picatinny Rails using either multifunctional clip. Manta Clips compact design can also be used as indexing points and have been tested to resist pull off at over 50 pounds of force! The Manta Cross clip is a multi-faceted wire management tool that allows you to run wires vertically, laterally and at right angles. Use the Cross Clip to route wire to any position or accessory on your weapon including vertical grips! Manta Cross Clips also feature parallel wire routing channels to take up extra lengths of wire. Choosing from over a dozen different routing combinations allows you to take up as little or as much wire as needed for a finished look. Manta Rail products are available in multiple colors and configurations and can be cut to varying lengths for a custom fit.


All Rail compounds and designs conform to Military Specifications and are proudly made in the USA! Using the highest grade of materials and manufacturing techniques ensures superior products that will stand up to the most rigorous conditions! For more information visit or contact us at (A.I.M) Advanced Innovation and Manufacturing at 330-721-4434 or e-mail sales at [email protected]

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Utilizing the latest cutting edge technology, sleek design, and state of the art manufacturing…