‏CAA’s new ACQ-1 red dot reflex sight from MSE is the most fighter friendly ‏sight on the market. Designed by Lt. Col. (Ret.) Mikey Hartman of the IDF, ‏Mikey brought his 20 years of experience as the founder and commander of the ‏IDF Marksmanship and Sharpshooting School, to add to, and improve the ‏features of the reflex sight, making the ACQ-1 the most fighter friendly The AQC-1 is made of lightweight aluminum, weighs only 12.9 ounces, and can operate for 1,200 hours on a 3.6-volt AA lithium battery.

‏The ACQ1’s 1″ x 1.375″ window provides a larger field of view and quicker ‏target acquisition. This is the largest window on the market today. (other ‏MSE models have an even larger 1. 2″ x 1.375″ window). Two different reticles provide both quickness and accuracy for CQB (urban) and long ‏range engagements. Both reticles have horizontal lines at 3 & 9 o’clock allowing the operator ‏to maintain the weapon on a vertical plane so the bullet trajectory and ‏ballistics are uncompromised. Both reticles have 8 levels of brightness (4 for day and 4 for night) so they can be used indoors, ‏outdoors or from inside a dark building targeting objects in the bright ‏sunlight.

ACQ-1’s unique design does not use a mirror to reflect the reticle so the ‏operator’s position cannot be given away by a reflection of the sun from the ‏sight.

‏The remote PTT (Press To Transmit) cable enables the operator to keep both ‏hands on the weapon at all times. The PTT cable is used to turn the sight ‏on, change reticles and change brightness levels but cannot inadvertently ‏turn the sight off. PTT cable is removable and it securely attaches to the ACQ-1. ACQ-1 will go to sleep after 30 minutes of non-movement preventing battery ‏drain but the motion sensor turns it back on when the weapon is moved. The ‏sleep mode can be deactivated for ambush scenarios.

‏The night vision mode allows the ACQ-1 to be used with any night vision ‏devise without blinding the night vision. The low battery indicator provides a warning before failure. Models are available that use AA or 1/2AA batteries. Super rugged design passes the IDF drop test.

‏Quick detach levers are included on the standard model.‏ Hand adjustable, no tool is required for the windage & elevation ‏adjustment knobs. A complete self-taught course of training and instruction is included with ‏each ACQ-1 sight. Providing a syllabus, day by day training, range ‏scenarios, Zeroing target, accuracy requirements for proficiency levels and more, ‏allowing the operator to train like and achieve the proficiency of ‏professionals. Deliveries start in February 2012. Limited Lifetime Warranty covers everything except abuse & neglect.

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‏CAA's new ACQ-1 red dot reflex sight from MSE is the most fighter friendly…