The JP Enterprises’ LRP-07, chambered in 7.62x51mm, is the finest looking AR-style rifle that I have ever seen. It was engineered and fine-tuned to be as good as it gets in Three-Gun matches. Can a rifle of the highest standards for the competition circuit be appropriate for the modern battlefield?

jp2We interviewed John Paul of JP Enterprises regarding his company and his products. JP Enterprises is not a custom rifle shop, but a niche-focused manufacturer. John and his employees are all competitive three-gun shooters, and good ones. Within their market they engineer and build based on real-world considerations, most often drawn from personal experience.

Near Minneapolis, MN, the company has been in operation for about 20 years, and from the onset John focused on what needed to be done to make the competitive equipment better. His attention was both to the rifle platform and the optics that he was utilizing. Engineers don’t always make the best shooters and shooters don’t always make the best engineers—but JP Enterprises has synergistically melded these two skill sets very well. When the end-user is able to pinpoint the requirement and has the training and insight to know what the fix will be, innovation is free to blossom.

Precision fire in a semi-automatic platform provides a valuable tool. Many manufactures offer something along this line, whether it is the complete rifle or just a precision upper receiver. JP Enterprises has been offering high-quality AR-style rifles  for quite a few years now. The unique thing about their company is that they actually put them to the test through various professional three-gun competitions throughout the nation.

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The JP Enterprises’ LRP-07, chambered in 7.62x51mm, is the finest looking AR-style rifle that…