Combine McMillan precision with the ability to take down in seconds, and you have the CS5 “Stubby,” a covert operator ready to bring 7.62mm ballistics to urban engagements.

Having been involved in the police and military sniping world for years, there was a time when choices in rifles were few and far between. Although many local builders did well, the true masters of the craft were hard to find. Their rifles were hard to get, too, often requiring wait times measured in years. My first custom rifle took six months to arrive and that was considered a stellar delivery time. Those building rifles suitable for use in any military or police environment remain highly sought after, and one of those builders is McMillan.

The action is smooth, reliable and easy to operate. With its straight bolt handle and large knob, it can be used in any condition.

Still providing some of the best rifle stocks you can acquire, it is easy to forget that McMillan builds some of the finest rifles available. Although Gale McMillan began building stocks in 1973, he was also one of the finest bench-rest shooters and barrel makers of all time. His attention to detail was unsurpassed, as was his refreshingly direct writing. Many of the best barrel makers today learned their trade from Gale or in the McMillan shop. His writings remain as some of the most accurate, direct, and factual reading concerning precision rifle barrels, rifles, and maintaining accuracy.

One simple button releases the adjustable stock from the ALIAS action, adding to the CS5’s concealability. The 12.5-inch match-grade barrel is suppressor ready.

What started as a man wanting to make the best stock and most precise rifle has turned into the McMillan family of companies. This legacy now also includes the latest in training, machining, and firearms manufacture. Maintaining the family feel while creating cutting-edge weapons has not been easy, but McMillan remains at the forefront of tactical firearms development.

Given its compact size and infinite adjustability, the CS5 can be configured to fit any operator, maximizing control for off-hand and other unsupported positions.

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Combine McMillan precision with the ability to take down in seconds, and you have…