The new Mega Arms MA-TEN is the most versatile .308 black rifle ever. Our extensive engineering and design has bridged the gaps where others have fallen short. The MA-TEN billet receiver set will accept ALL DPMS & Knight Armament parts. All Armalite parts with the exception of the barrel nut, magazine, and bolt catch. Build your ultimate hunting, tactical or target rifle without having to compromise.


The MA-TEN will be sold only in sets (upper and lower) including a charging handle, threaded bolt catch pin, take down pins, tensioning screw, and door. This was done to guarantee the best possible upper to lower fit and finish. Using the MA-TEN platform also allows you the most options on your next build.


Bolts & Barrels
Designed to accept any AR style .308 barrels and bolts*. This means you can use your AR10/Noveske or SR25/DPMS components.

*We recommend using the same manufacture for your barrel and bolt. As always assembly should be done by a qualified gunsmith, using the proper head spacing gages.


Hand Guards
Any handguard with a barrel nut designed to fit the Knight SR25 or DPMS will fit the MA-TEN upper. The MA-TEN shares a common rail height with the SR25 and the Armalite AR10. The necessary cuts have also been included on the upper to use a Samson handguard.

Magazines… take your pick. Any SR25/DPMS compatible magazine such as Magpul, Knight, DPMS, CMMG, and C products.
* MA-TEN not compatible with Armalite bolt catch.


Do you like to bench shoot? Or maybe your next build is going to be for hunting, or just target shooting. Well you can choose to use whatever trigger best suites your shooting needs. The MA-TEN lower will accept any AR compatible trigger*.
(*When using an Armalite or Knight carrier a narrower then mil-spec hammer is required. Check with carrier manufacturer.)


By incorporating the Mil-Spec buffer thread on the MA-TEN lower you have the ability to choose any stock you want. Adjustable Magpul, Mil-Spec A2 and everything in between.

After testing here are some buffer combinations we found work well.

*When using the Vltor AR10 5 position buffer tube an H3 buffer should be used with anArmalite AR10 buffer spring.

*When using a standard AR-15 carbine buffer tube an AR10 carbine buffer should be used with an Armalite AR10 buffer spring.

*When using an A2 stock, the Armalite AR10 buffer and buffer spring should be used.

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