The M21 reflex sight, manufactured by Meprolight and brought to the US market by The Mako Group, is uniquely suited for a law enforcement role. The M21 sight, the standard issue combat sight for the Israeli Defense Forces, is a self-illuminated reflex sight powered by tritium and a fiber optic collector system. Previously available in the US with an effective bullseye-style reticle, the M21 features batteryless operation free of any electronics or power switches.

The Mepro M21, solves the logistical problems of keeping officers supplied with fresh batteries. The reticle is always on and ready for use, and adjusts automatically to ambient light conditions. The unlike other sights, the M21 has no delicate moving parts or circuitry inside the site, so it can withstand heavy abuse, moisture, and humidity. Zero adjustments take place between the sight and its rugged quick-release base. The M21 can be removed and reinstalled and will keep its zero. The user can always pick up his weapon with absolute confidence that his optic will be ready, operational, and zeroed.

The standard reticle option for the US market has been the bullseye reticle, designed to speed aiming in close-quarters, while providing precision for longer ranges. The Mako Group has now introduced the Triangle reticle, Open X reticle, and both 4.3 MOA and 5.5 MOA Dot reticles in the United States.


“The non-electronic Mepro M21 sight with bullseye reticle has proven immensely popular with law enforcement agencies who need a rugged sight that can withstand rough rides and extreme temperatures in the trunk of a patrol car, and is always ready for instant use without worry about dead or leaking batteries,” Addy Sandler, CEO of The Mako Group explained. “Now these agencies have the option of choosing the precise triangle and dot reticles to fit any intended use.”

Meprolight is one of the four world leaders in the manufacture of combat reflex sights, and the first to manufacture a 30mm reflex sight designed specifically for shooting with both eyes open for CQB use, before anyone used the term “CQB.” Meprolight builds advanced reflex optics, grenade launcher optical sights, and uncooled thermal sniper scopes for the Israeli Defense Forces and other militaries worldwide.

For more information about the Mepro M21 Self-Powered Reflex Sight and the new reticle options, visit or email [email protected]

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The M21 reflex sight, manufactured by Meprolight and brought to the US market by…