It’s an amazing fact that so many of our fine shooting sports companies began as “Mom & Pop” operations, many times in a garage or basement.  Here’s another one: MG Arms, now out of Spring, TX.   In 1980, Carol and Kerry O’Day, looking to change their fortunes, started an ammunition reloading company, running their Dillon presses in their garage.  Soon the company became Match Grade Ammunition and developed a sterling reputation.  By 1998, Carol and Kerry were ready to tackle custom rifle building.  This was the advent of MG Arms.

Today MG Arms has expanded into many areas of custom gun craft, creating only the finest custom rifles and single-action revolvers, custom gunsmithing, metal finishing, stock work, and custom cartridge building.  As Kerry says, “MG Arms is like a hotrod shop for guns!”

Perhaps the best known of MG Arms custom guns is the MGA Ultra-Light rifle.  Depending upon stock, action, and barrel chosen, these custom rifles will weigh in at between 4 ¾ to 5 ¾ lbs. (w/o scope).  Accuracy is GUARANTEED to be less than 1 MOA (Minute of Angle).  Most will shoot .4 to .5 MOA in 3 shot groups!

Other custom product in the MG Arms line include:  MGA Signature and MGA Varminter rifles; “Simply the best ARs in their class!” MGA K-Yote Varmint System and NEW! MGA CK-4 rifles, and; MGA DragonFly (weighs approx. 1 lb.) and MGA DragonSlayer single-action revolvers.  These are all custom guns built expressly for the most dedicated hunter, who demands the very best.

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It’s an amazing fact that so many of our fine shooting sports companies began…