To open a new business in these trying times takes dedication, commitment and a touch of lunacy. However, in 2011, that is just what Mark Kuczka, David Walker and Jason Nixon did when they opened the doors of Accurate Ordnance. While Accurate Ordnance is a new company, the three brought with them years of experience and a passion for custom rifle building. And so far the company has hit the ground running and has not stopped.

Mark Kuczka, Accurate Ordnance’s manager, ran a successful NFA business for several years and believes in doing everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction. David Walker, the shop foreman, has a law enforcement background as well as extensive experience in machining and custom rifle work. Jason Nixon, the second half of the gunsmith team, is a master machinist whose creativity is matched only by his obsession for perfection. When combined, they give Accurate Ordnance the capability to produce some of the most accurate custom rifles in the country.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to evaluate a custom rifle build from Accurate Ordnance. The Precision Custom Rifle, or PCR, proved to be the most accurate rifle I have ever lain behind. The rifle consistently shot sub-0.25-MOA groups out past 400 yards and recorded a 0.14-inch group at 100 yards. Based on that experience, I knew that Accurate Ordnance was the place to turn for my latest rifle project.

Custom Blackout
When Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC), in collaboration with Remington, introduced the new 300 AAC Blackout, or 300 BLK, cartridge, everyone held their breath. The original objective was to provide reliable .30-caliber performance from existing M4 platforms by simply changing barrels. Now, some two years later, the 300 BLK is on fire, with almost every major black rifle manufacturer offering the chambering in their product line.

In addition, Remington has made ammunition readily available through its major online dealers. Another indication of success is that other ammunition companies are loading multiple loads in 300 BLK. Next to Remington, the largest player in the market is PNW Arms. PNW currently offers four 300 BLK loads that include a 220-grain OTM subsonic, a 155-grain OTM Match and a 125-grain ballistic tip hunting round…

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