The security guard is the first line of defense against the terrorist & is the one who can neutralize the threat and prevent a breach of secured areas. The security guard is armed but protected only by a BP vest but can’t maintain maximum alertness under extreme outdoor conditions and certainly can’t stop the terrorist’s first bullet, since he has the element of surprise.

92.gifThe BodyGuard-Pro was designed to provide optimal conditions in order to maximize the guard’s effectiveness and protects the guard from direct sunlight, rain, snow & high winds, while allowing him to change position to adapt to changing conditions and therefore disrupts attack plans.

The BodyGuard-Pro provides nearly transparent protection, allowing for safe, uninterrupted observation and lets your sentry/security guard respond to enemy fire by shooting from the side or by using the uniquely designed B.P. dropdown window that allows him to return fire while providing full protection to most of the body.

-Highly stable, movable & transportable.
-Selected by the I.D.F, M.O.D & I.A.A.
-Designed to NIJ level III standards and
-can be upgraded to NIJ level IV.
-Customized design, measures and finishing levels.
-Very low maintenance costs.
-Long life cycle.

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The security guard is the first line of defense against the terrorist & is…