April 19th marks the beginning of IDGA’s 3rd Annual Tactical Vehicles Summit being held in Alexandria, VA at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center. Leading military and industry experts are set to convene and discuss a series of pressing issues pertaining to the military ground vehicles community.

Discussions will take place under the backdrop of President Obama’s announcement to send an additional 30,000 US Troops to Afghanistan – an increase that will put nearly 100,000 US Troops in Afghanistan before the end of the summer. This troop increase has serious and urgent implications for US Forces as the Afghan rugged and mountainous terrain requires an immediate investment in armored vehicles with exceptional mobility.

“This premier event will bring together military end-users, OEMs, and industry professionals to discuss, evaluate, and lay the ground work for technology solutions and acquisitions in tactical and combat vehicle platforms, including the M-ATV, MRAP, and FMTV,” Luis Hernandez, Program Director at IDGA explained.

Some of the speakers confirmed to present include:

Major General Kevin Leonard, USA – Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5, US Army Materiel Command
Major General Rhett A. Hernandez, USA – Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7
Brigadier General Thomas Spoehr, USA – Director, Force Development, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8
Colonel David Bassett, USA – TACOM, Program Manager, Tactical Vehicles
Thomas H. Miller – Program Manager MTVR/LVSR PEO, Land Systems (USMC)
Frank Apicella – Technical Director, Army Evaluation Center (ATEC)

In addition, over 30 exhibiting companies will showcase the latest technology solutions available, from armor and next-generation materials, to computing and communications, to vehicle parts and upgrades.

For more information on attending or exhibiting at the 3rd Annual Tactical Vehicles Summit, visit or contact Luis Hernandez at [email protected]

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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April 19th marks the beginning of IDGA’s 3rd Annual Tactical Vehicles Summit being held…