This JLTV is part of a larger JLTV competition that is facing a lot of companies like Lockheed, BAE, Grummen, General Dynamics, etc.
A green prototype of this vehicle was seen a year ago at Modern Day Marine in Quantico. Since then, this vehicle design has been backed and supported by Textron System, Boeing, SAIC, Carlson Technology, and Ford. The sample on display at AUSA featured a desert color, center-drive operation for the driver, modular protection, a silent drive/watch option for minimum battlefield signature, nimble performance with designs tracing back to off-road racing. The parts are commercial to keep low ownership costs. This vehicle maintains an active stabilizing suspension for control and to minimize crew fatigue. The doors take from the old “suicide doors” meaning the front door opens towards the front and the rear door opens towards the rear. Although this design was stopped by automakers in the 1960s, it is back to serve as protective “cover” for personnel getting in and out of the vehicle. Being that it is a hybrid electric powertrain, this feature has many procurement officers intrigued.

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  This JLTV is part of a larger JLTV competition that is facing a…