MINOX NV mini II, a new compact night vision device, is just 4-3/16” long, with a 7/8” diameter lens, and weighs only 6.3 oz

MINOX has added to their wide range of optical equipment with introduction of a reliable new night vision device, the ultra-compact NV mini II. It’s one of the smallest in the world, barely larger than a lipstick. Overall length is just 4-3/16”, the lens diameter is Iess than one inch and it weighs only 6.3 ounces.

With its 2x magnification and ability to amplify available residual light, such as stars or horizon radiation not perceived by the human eye, the NV mini II is ideal for discreet orientation or observation on land or at sea, for hunting or protecting property in low-light situations, from twilight and into full night.

Night vision devices are needed when even the most powerful binoculars, with a high twilight factor, reach their optical limits. The multi-coated lens system on the new
MINOX NV mini II provides a brilliant and clear image. And if the available light is not sufficient to provide a visible image, even when amplified, it has a connectible infrared illuminator. This additional light source, not seen by the human eye, provides perfect vision in complete darkness, such as on a moonless night or in a dense forest.

With its ultra-compact size and minimal weight, the NV mini II can be used anywhere. Its ergonomic design and partially rubber armoring of the body, ensures silent, safe handling. It comes with a wrist strap and battery. Retail price is $649.

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