Safariland™, a BAE Systems line of business, introduced today the Monadnock® Impactor™, a unique, non-ballistic, multi-functional arm shield that is durable and lightweight and provides for protection of the officer in both defensive and counter-strike situations. It is designed to work in concert with defensive baton techniques and/or OC spray.

The Model 5500 Impactor is an excellent tool for controlling combative or uncontrollable subjects and is ideal for use by first responders and in environments sensitive to public display of force, such as hospitals, school or courtrooms. A patent-pending design, it is constructed of a non-ballistic, reinforced polycarbonate for increased impact resistance and tensile strength, and will not warp or crack. It connects to the arm via adjustable, padded arm straps that help absorb and dissipate impact. Its ribbed design adds strength to the shield while maintaining its light weight.

Designed for use on either arm, the Impactor can be used alone or in conjunction with a baton, as it features a control slot for the baton, which can also be used for pinning a suspect’s wrist or forearm. Integrated into the handle design is a secure holder for a Defense Technology® brand MK-3 or MK-4 OC spray canister allowing easy deployment of the OC. The Impactor is excellent for blocking, front jab, middle block or rear jab techniques to subdue and control suspects.

The Impactor includes a location for adding customized agency identification labels. Reflective ID labels are hook & loop compatible and are offered for Police, Sheriff, Corrections and State.

Offered in black, and made in the USA, the Impactor is available now with an MSRP of $139.00. Additionally, for shipments within the continental U.S., the product includes an inert MK-3 OC Spray canister for training purposes.

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