Adding even more effective on-street performance to its popular AutoLock baton line, Monadnock’s AutoLock HG offers the traditional feel of a straight baton but in an advanced, expandable model. With an increased diameter construction, the new AutoLock HG baton offers greater balance in the hand during use and features higher kinetic energy potential with its increased size and density – giving the more effective force.

Monadnock offers the following with its new AutoLock HG:
* Combined friction lock and positive lock technology helps ensure that the baton remains locked open while striking, blocking or jabbing.

* Closes at the push of a button with no extra effort of striking the baton on the ground or other hard surfaces.

* Available with Safety Tip®, which eliminates sharp edges and decreases possibility of subject injury, OR

* Available with Power Safety Tip®, engineered to turn a subject’s pockets inside out, which reduces the risk of the user getting stuck with sharp objects.

* Available with a 3xT Lime-Green Tactical Targeting Tip designed to assist criminal justice professionals to clearly see the baton’s tip during training and demonstrations.

* Available with smooth or fluted foam textured grips.

* Available with AutoLock Front Draw® Holder that allows 360 degrees of swivel capability and eight locking positions and is available in black chrome and bright nickel finishes.

* Most Monadnock products carry a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee, and all are subjected to rigorous quality control testing before they are released (inquire about repair or replacement guarantee prior to purchasing)

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Adding even more effective on-street performance to its popular AutoLock baton line, Monadnock's AutoLock…