Mossberg has introduced four 20-gauge pump-action shotguns as part of their celebrated FLEX shotgun system. In addition, Mossberg is releasing the Duck Commander series of shotguns and rifles, new for 2014. Scroll down to watch a video showcasing these new products.

The FLEX shotgun system now includes four 500 FLEX 20-gauge hunting and tactical shotguns. The FLEX system utilizes the TLS (Tool-Less Locking System) to switch out recoil pads, stocks, and forends in order to go from a hunting gun to a tactical gun. The 500 FLEX 20-gauge hunting model shotgun has a standard shotgun forend, OD Green finishes, full-length stock, medium recoil pad, ambidextrous top-mounted safety, fiber optic sights, 6-round capacity, and a 24-inch vent rib barrel. Another variation of the hunting model has a 26-inch vent rib barrel, twin bed sights, and matte blue and black synthetic finishes.

The 20-gauge tactical shotgun comes with matte blue metal finishes and black synthetic stocks and forends, as well as a choice of 6-position adjustable or pistol grip stock. In addition, it has the standard top-mounted safety and a 6-round capacity. One variation of the tactical shotgun has a 20-inch barrel with a single bead sight. The other version has an 18.5-inch stand-off barrel with white dot sight.

There are 11 different guns in the Mossberg Duck Commander series of rifles and shotguns, including the Mossberg 500 shotgun, the 535 ATS shotgun, the 835 Ulti-Mag shotgun, the FLEX shotgun, the 930 shotgun, the 935 Magnum shotgun, the SA-20 shotgun, the 500 Super Bantam shotgun, the 715P Rimfire pistol, the 702 Plinkster Rimfire rifle, and the 715T Autoloading Rimfire rifle. Each gun has the Duck Commander logo, as well as Realtree Max-5 camo, Truglo Tru-Bead fiber optic sight (for the shotguns), and an American flag bandana.

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