MSAR knows how important it is to avoid being caught empty handed, which is why we developed the new fifth generation, 30 round magazine. Re-engineered for durability and adaptability, the features of this new product speak for themselves.

Designed around 5.56/.223 and 300BLK® rounds, the magazines are built for precision fit on the MSAR E4 and most rifles* that accept M16/AR-15 mags. In an effort to remain compliant with recent regulations, these magazines are also produced in limited round capacity configurations. Sized to match traditional 30 round magazines, but pinned to only accept 5, 7, 9, or 10 rounds, users can still experience the same look and feel as with a higher capacity mag. Color choices include smoke translucent, matte black, green or tan.


The mags are molded from an advanced polymer that is chemical resistant and also has low moisture absorption and low deformity properties making it ideal in extreme conditions. The matte black, green, and tan mags are made from the same impact modified UV resistant polymer as the follower, and offer a more economical cost option for consumers, while still providing durability in harsh conditions. A corrosion resistant body spring is used for maximum performance over time. Raised ribs on the mag body and floor plate provide additional grip capabilities.

For best functionality in host weapons, the magazines are drop free whether loaded or unloaded. Additionally, MSAR has added a unique triangular riser to the follower that allows for positive contact in all host weapons with a last round hold open. A molded ridge on the mag body prevents over travel of the magazine when inserting into a host weapon. A channel is also present to allow for the use of mil spec stripper clip adapters.

MSAR is now accepting orders, with an estimated delivery date for the initial shipment in the next several weeks. The best way to place an order is by calling 814.363.9260 between 9:00am and 4:00pm EST.

Please visit for more information and continued updates.


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