Flotation for Body Armor Users

The Mustang Survival MD3196 is a compact life preserver that has been designed specifically for easy integration with body armor and tactical vests that use a MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing system. The low-profile design provides flotation capability for body armor users, with minimal bulk or interference. The advanced Hydrostatic Inflation System makes the MD3196 an effective and low-maintenance solution.

md3196large13.gifQuick Integration and Easy Repacking
A three-point attachment system provides quick integration to a MOLLE style vest. SecureZIP™ closure withstands rigorous activity and is easy to repack.

Reliable Inflation
The Hydrostatic Inflation System will not inflate prematurely due to rain, humidity or wind-driven sea spray. The inflatable cell achieves full inflation within seconds of immersion, or with a simple pull of the beaded handle. An oral inflation tube located on the left lobe provides backup inflation, if necessary.

Optional Manual Conversion Cap
The Hydrostatic Inflation System uses an automatic inflator that can be converted to a manual only system. The optional manual conversion cap (MA7219) can be installed on the water inlet port preventing the automatic operation. This manual conversion cap provides for optimal mission planning and allows the operator to select the inflation capability (manual or automatic) prior to the mission.

In-water Performance
Tests with the life preserver attached to a typical body armor vest successfully demonstrated the ability of the LP to selfright and float the wearer.ma3090large13.gifDurable Protection
Designed for the Law Enforcement professional offering durable flotation protection for operators in marine environments.

Two Options for Wear
Can be attached to a body armor vest or worn as a standalone life preserver using the chest belt/crotch strap assembly (MA3090).

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