Nanofilm is sending Clarity Defog It anti-fog towelettes to the 308th B-Co 17th Fires BDE unit of the U.S. Army serving in Basra, Iraq. The Unit, which is there to help maintain productivity of essential vehicles, goes into desert regions to repair army vehicles and needs clear, fog-free glasses, safety glasses and goggles to do their work in the high-heat environment. MommyPR, the online product review site, helped make the connection.

The Clarity Clean It Lens Cleaner formula earns the highest ratings for safe cleaning of soils, fingerprints and dirt without leaving streaks or haze. It’s proven safe and effective on all eyeglass lenses, and it’s also effective for camera lenses, computer screens, binoculars and other optics.

Three Clarity Defog It reusable towelettes in a plastic carrying case sell for $7.49 (MSRP). A kit that includes a 5 ML bottle of concentrated anti-fog liquid and a microfiber cloth is $4.99 (MSRP). A 30-pack of Clarity Clean It lens cleaner towelettes is $4.99 (MSRP).

The Defog It anti-fog formula is used by the military around the world as well as by snowsports fans, scuba divers, hunters, industrial workers and first responders. A single application can keep optics fog-free up to all day. The product’s performance has been proven in rigorous lab tests. In one test, when treated lenses were held over constant hot steam, Clarity Defog It kept the lens fog-free for a full 60 minutes. Competitors failed in as little as 5 minutes.

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Nanofilm is sending Clarity Defog It anti-fog towelettes to the 308th B-Co 17th Fires…