Nebraska Star Beef is pleased to announce a new jerky product aimed at the Prepper market. “Survivor Jerky” is a new breed of extended shelf life jerky that is designed for people who want to be prepared. Starting with lean cuts of premium, natural (no antibiotics or steroids) Angus beef which is blended with spices and preservatives, Nebraska Star Beef “Survivor Jerky” boasts a 3 year shelf life AND gourmet flavor. The jerky comes packaged in an MTM AC50 ammo can which is stackable and reusable.

“Survivor Jerky” is a unique product in many ways. Designed from the ground up as an extended shelf life product, it is also an affordable and efficient way for jerky lovers to purchase beef jerky. Company spokesman Steve Johnson had this to say, “In the face of recent disasters, like hurricane Sandy, it became clear that there is a rapidly growing market for preparedness products. People want to have food items on hand that will keep until they are needed.”

A great deal of research went into “Survivor Jerky” as most jerky products seem to be stuck at an 18 month shelf life. Extensive accelerated shelf life studies have shown that by limiting exposure to oxygen, extreme heat, and light sources huge improvements can be made in the duration of time food will keep. Jerky is first dipped in potassium sorbate to help preserve the product, then vacuum sealed in high barrier cryo-vac bags with an oxygen absorber, then further protected in an MTM AC50 ammo can which is factory sealed with a zip tie. By eliminating factors that cause product degradation, shelf life is effectively doubled. Product flavor will change slightly over time, but remains perfectly safe to consume.


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