[TI]ONE Titanium .308 Battle Rifle // SERIAL #1 is just as bad as it is beautiful. Boasting a revolutionary Titanium body and state-of-the-art hardware, the [TI]ONE is in a league all its own. While it is a gun we created to sell, its price point puts it a bit out of reach for the mass market; that said, its main function is as a statement piece that is taking the gun industry by storm.

Talk is cheap – Titanium isn’t. The gun industry is full of people talking about engineering and manufacturing capabilities that they just don’t have. The NEMO [Ti]ONE project has propelled us to be the “First to the Moon,” so to speak, which is just where we want to be. However, just as the race to the moon it wasn’t so much about getting there as it was about what was learned along the way, the NEMO [Ti]ONE is meant to be a demonstration of our engineering and manufacturing superiority.


Based on the NEMO M6 .308 AR chassis, the [Ti]ONE is the only rifle that can double as a shield while still turning heads and getting the job done with some serious firepower. Learn more at






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[TI]ONE Titanium .308 Battle Rifle // SERIAL #1 is just as bad as it…