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Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) made a name for itself developing piston-driven AR-platform rifles that run reliably no matter what. Recently, the company began offering a super-accurate bolt-action rifle, the MK3, and its own direct-impingement ARs. But one particular piston-driven AR is hitting the market this year, and it was built after a request from law enforcement operators who wanted a powerful entry weapon to use in CQB situations. The end result: The PWS MK212SD.

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A dedicated suppressed weapon system, the MK212SD is configured for the lightest recoil possible in a suppressed, semi-automatic .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO weapon platform, and it requires the use of a sound suppressor to operate. Two versions of the MK212SD are available: a standard model with a 12.75-inch barrel and an ALG QMS trigger, and an upgraded variant with a 12.75-inch Proof Research barrel and Geissele SD trigger. Of course, the barrels are threaded for attaching sound suppressors. Surrounding the barrel is a long, free-floating KeyMod handguard, which makes it easy to mount accessories without the bulk of weight of a quad Picatinny rail handguard. The upper and lower receivers are forged for strength while keeping the platform’s overall weight to a minimum. The rifle’s overall weight is 8.81 pounds unloaded—pretty light for a .308/7.62mm AR—and its overall length is 30.7 inches.

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