Savage Arms Scout Rifle SHOT Show 2015
New For 2015: Savage Arms' New Scout Rifle

Savage Arms has revolutionized bolt-action rifles in recent years, and the company is continuing that trend in 2015 with the release of the new Model 11 Scout Rifle, a versatile powerhouse built to handle many tasks with ease.

The Model 11 Scout Rifle starts with Savage’s AccuStock, a synthetic stock with an aluminum chassis that holds the action in a three-dimensional bedding system. This innovation provides superior precision and durability in harsh extremes. At the rear of the AccuStock is a stiff rubber buttpad that helps absorb recoil and an adjustable comb that helps shooters achieve a tight cheekweld. Shooters can also adjust the length of pull via spacers. For targeting, the Model 11 Scout Rifle comes with fast iron sights as well as a forward-mounted scope rail (as Col. Jeff Cooper specified in his original “scout rifle” concept).

Another of Savage’s innovations included in this new Model 11 Scout Rifle is the AccuTrigger, which is adjustable down to 2.5 pounds. The action also includes a tang-mounted safety that is easy to reach with either hand without shifting your grip. Also note the muzzle brake/compensator installed at the muzzle, which should offer fast follow-up shots on target.

For more information, including the first chamberings available to shooters, visit or call 413-642-4260.

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