Chelate, Inc. has introduced a breakthrough solution for firearm protection and portability. An ultra-fire-resistant portable gun case, the Fire.pod is a new way to transport and store your firearms. Made in the U.S., this gun case is lightweight yet gives extreme fire protection. There are five different Fire.pod models available, and the largest can hold up to four long guns. Lockable hard cases are optional. With fireproof liners and a carry handle, you couldn’t ask for more in a gun case. For more information, visit or call 717-203-0415.

Daniel Defense is now distributing Contour’s line of hands-free video cameras and mounts. The ContourGPS and other cameras can be mounted on weapons or operators to provide a lightweight, durable way to record training and operations—right in the middle of the action. The low-profile design includes a 135-degree wide-angle lens that delivers 1080p video and a body made of water-resistant anodized aluminum. Its internal memory card (32 GB) can record more than 8 hours of HD footage. Options include a mounting rail for guns and helmets. For more information, visit or call 866-397-6920.

The Stealth Defense inside-the-waistband (IWB) Strut holster is perfect for concealed carry. Pressure from your belt secures the holster in place. Your shirt may be worn tucked inside the Strut or untucked. You do not need to wear larger pants, as ordinary IWB holsters often require to fit inside your trousers. The thin yet strong Strut holster fits your current wardrobe and allows you to dress however you wish while still packing the heat you need to feel safe. Left- and right-handed Strut holsters are available. For more information, call 937-901-2874 or visit

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FIRE.POD BY CHELATE Chelate, Inc. has introduced a breakthrough solution for firearm protection and…