Glock 40 Gen4 SHOT Show 2015
New Glock 40 Gen4 Unveiled in MOS Configuration

The new Glock 40 Gen4 is built for the ultra-powerful 10mm Auto round and comes with the company’s new Modular Optic System (MOS) Configuration. This system comes with four optics-mounting plates that allow shooters to mount eight of the most popular miniature reflex sights on the market to the pistol’s slide. Of course, miniature reflex sights have several advantages. Shooters don’t have to waste precious time lining up front or rear sights when it comes to targeting—they just have to quickly superimpose the reflex sight’s holographic reticle over the target.

The G40 Gen4 In MOS Configuration also has a long slide and barrel configuration to maximize the 10mm Auto’s velocities and terminal performance, making the gun’s hunting potential. The slide also does not have the cutouts present on other long-slide Glocks to help mitigate recoil and muzzle rise for faster follow-up shots at distance. It goes without saying that the G40 also has Glock’s renowned Gen4 enhancements, including interchangeable backstraps, a reversible magazine catch and a Dual Recoil Spring Assembly that helps soften the pistol’s recoil. Glock is also offering the G34 Gen4, G35 Gen4 and G41 Gen4 in MOS Configuration.

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