The new Gear Keeper Rotating MOLLE Mount attaches easily and securely to the MOLLE system, with no dangle from the attachment point. Whatever physical action the wearer is taking – running, jumping or going through maneuvers – the only movement will be of the gear itself, not the retractor. The mount swivels a full 360°, allowing the attached Gear Keeper to rotate during use. A range of new Gear Keeper Rotating MOLLE Mount models will provide convenience and reliable performance under virtually any conditions. For more information about the new Gear Keeper Rotating MOLLE Mount, contact 805-658-9922 or visit

This 3-24x42mm zoom scope has eight magnification ratios, including the highest magnification ratio in the FFP (first focal plane) configuration rifle scope made to date. The mrad reticle scale value remains constant across the entire zoom range. It is easy to range the target without thinking where to set the zoom range. One turn of the adjustment dial is 10 mrad, and one click value is 1/10 mrad. Additionally, with the capability to set any position as the zero point in elevation, the shooter will never lose his starting calibration. For more information, visit or call 330-683-4674.

Uncle Mike’s new Reflex Holster retains the user’s firearm using I.R.T. (Integrated Retention Technology), which features a retention lug on the outer wall of the holster in combination with a press arm on the body side of the holster. The shooter is able to get a full and secure grip on the firearm before they begin to draw. Releasing the firearm from the holster is easily accomplished by aligning the shooter’s elbow parallel to the holster. Studies have proven that fine motor skills diminish quickly in a stressful or threatening situation. Holsters with buttons, levers or retention straps can become inoperable for the average gun owner. The Reflex Holster’s simple retention system allows users to easily draw their gun under these conditions when gross motor skills have taken over. For more information, go to or call consumer inquiries at 800-423-3537.

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