No two cops are built alike, so duty shotguns must have versatility to be at the maximum level of combat readiness. BlackHawk’s new Knoxx SpecOps Stock is the solution. With over 4 inches of adjustment, the synthetic stock will fit the build of any operator. As for shotgun recoil, the SpecOps is built with dual Knoxx recoil compensating systems that knocks out perceived felt recoil by up to 95 percent, which eliminates shoulder fatigue and cuts muzzle rise. Translation: Fast target reacquisition after a shot! Fits the Remington 870, Mossberg 500/590/835 and Maverick 88, Winchester 1300 series 20- and 12-gauge pumps. For more information, visit


Special missions like high-risk recon, surveillance and search and rescue call for specialized equipment. Here’s something that’ll give LE and military pros night eyes. Insight Tech-Gear’s new MTM-V2 is a pocket-sized, high-resolution thermal imager that fits snugly in the palm of the operator’s hand. The MTM-V2 provides moving man-sized target detection out to 500 meters, featuring adjustable focus, unity magnification, 2X digital zoom and is equipped with a co-aligned, integrated marking laser. Users will enjoy custom operation of brightness, gain, polarization and calibration. The MTM-V2 will operate continuously for more than four hours on two 3-volt lithium 123 batteries. For more information visit


The mission of TopEyeView, Inc, (“TEV”) is to deliver the most cost effective real-time video streaming from a bird’s-eye-view. The flight platform of TEV is a 30-foot long, tethered, low-pressure helium blimp delivering a remote-controlled “eye in the sky” directly to and from any command and location. TEV provides “turn-key” services to improve observation and alert levels by offering a platform that can streamline ongoing images. TEV’s services are based on a tested and operationally proven observation system. The units are mobile and immediately deployable, thus can address ad-hoc events. Their platform is an ideal tool for security, law enforcement, and organizations with “bird’s-eye” observation missions. For more information visit


Adams Arms’ “AR15 Fix” is a revolutionary new Retro-Fit Piston Driven Cycling System for the AR15/M-16 rifle. Adams Arms piston driven systems replace the problematic impingement system currently associated with the mil-spec AR15, M16 style rifles. The system completely eliminates hot gases from entering the receiver and lowers recoil 30 to 40 percent by using a short stroke shaft, which in turn will help operators experience faster target acquisition and improvements in accuracy. All in all, the Adams Arms AR15 Fix should make your weapon more reliable over a longer term of use. For more information visit


In today’s growing less-lethal LE world, Tasers are reigning supreme. Knowing that fact, Elite Survival Systems has recently developed its new Taser holster available in the standard belt version and the tactical thigh version. The holsters are made of 1,000 denier nylon with rigid inner layers that maintain the holster’s shape. For securing the weapon each rig has a snap thumb-break retention strap and a Velcro retention strap. Dual adjustment straps allow the user to adjust the tension on the Taser. Two exterior pouches are built in to carry spare cartridges. The thigh-rig version has an adjustable belt drop strap with quick-release buckle, and an adjustable thigh strap with quick-release buckle non-slip backing. For more information visit

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