When seconds count, reach for ResQMe (2-in-1 Keychain Rescue Tool). It features a spring-loaded steel point that can break tempered glass car windows and a protected stainless steel blade for cutting through seatbelts. Strategically placed to the belt or key saver, this break-apart tool allows it to be removed quickly for emergency use. Made in the USA, ResQMe’s compact size makes it convenient to carry everyday. For more details visit

newproducts2.gifIZLID 100P LASER
A more compact version of the B.E. Meyers’s IZLID 1000P “Light Saber,” the IZLID 100P, has a 100mW IR laser that is small enough to fit in MOLLE vests or BDU pockets and powerful enough to call in airstrikes or aim weapons over 2 kilometers. It’s the perfect complement for a M4, M16, M2 or minigun. Check it out at

The daily grind on-duty is tough when having to deal with uncooperative perps, raging crazies, and vengeful teens. Protective Products’ Tactical Accessories range of tactical body armor products safeguards your biceps, throat, yoke/collar, groin, lower back, shins, head along with proper gear like equipment pouches, universal MOLLE load carriers, frag and bomb blankets, tactical plate harness and more. Learn how to shield against your everyday dangers with Protective Products at

Blue Force Gear redefines the commonplace first aid kit with the fastest one-handed trauma kit ever with Trauma Kit NOW! Reach for the tab of Trauma Kit NOW! and receive instant access to life-saving supplies even with an injured hand. Tapered carrier allows the insert to clear the pouch regardless of how full the kit may be. Supplies not included. Get it now at

Winchester’s SXP Defender pump-action shotgun features a fast rotating bolt system that locks up into a 3-inch chromed chamber. The 18-inch fixed cylinder choked barrel is also chrome lined and the stock and fore-end are composite with the barrel and receiver finished in matte finish. The magazine holds 5 rounds, and recoil is minimized by the amazing fitted Inflex Technology recoil pad. Find out more about at

Immediately acquire and take down targets from the most difficult shooting positions with the AAT5G Green Laser Designator. Seen as far as 50 yards and over a mile on fog-free nights, the base adjustable laser module is attached to a Weaver mount easily without the headache! Compact enough for rifles and long-barreled handguns. Find out more at

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RESCUE TOOL When seconds count, reach for ResQMe (2-in-1 Keychain Rescue Tool). It features…